Relation sumo#distance (sumo#object,*)
  type:  pm#ternary_predicate_type__ternarypredicatetype  class of predicates that require exactly three arguments
  type:  pm#single_valued_relation_type  when an assignment of values to every argument position except the last one determines at most one assignment for the last argument position; not all single_valued_relations are total_valued_relations
  type:  pm#spatial_relation_type  the class of relations that are spatial in a wide sense, e.g., mereological relations and topological relation
  supertype:  pm#spatial_relation_from_entity_with_spatial_feature (sumo#object,*)
     supertype:  pm#relation_from/to_thing_of_common_kind (*)  this type permits to categorize relations according to their signatures and hence
          offers (i) a concise way to set essential exclusion relations, and (ii) a systematic and easy-to-follow categorization
        supertype:  pm#relation__related_thing__relatedthing___related_with (*)  type for any relation (unary, binary, ..., *-ary) and instance of pm#relation_type

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