p3p#Dynamic.http__dynamic  http protocol information
  supertype:  p3p#StructuredDataElement  A data element with component parts
     supertype:  p3p#DataElement  A specific item of data a service might collect
        supertype:  pm#P3P_thing
           supertype:  pm#thing_categorized_in_an_ontology
              supertype:  pm#thing__something___T__t___3D_or_4D_thing_or_anything_else  any category (type or individual) is instance of this type; any type is also a subtype of this type
  supertype:  p3p#Category-navigation__navigation  Data passively generated by browsing the Web site - such as
                          which pages are visited, and how long users stay on each page
     supertype:  p3p#Category
        supertype:  pm#P3P_thing
  supertype:  p3p#Category-computer__computer  Information about the computer system that the individual is
                          using to access the network - such as the IP number, domain
                          name, browser type or operating system.
     supertype:  p3p#Category

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