Function owl#version_info__versioninfo (? -> pm#entity)  generally, a string giving information about this version; e.g., RCS/CVS keywords
  supertype:  dc#Description (?,pm#entity)  to specify an account of the content of a resource; in WebKB, pm#topic or pmdescr SHOULD BE USED INSTEAD
     supertype:  pm#binary_relation (?,?)  in WebKB, most relation types are binary and some have a variable number of arguments (as in KIF), hence this type is currently only specialized by types that I do not want to see as direct subtypes of pm#relation
        supertype:  pm#relation_with_particular_property (*)  this rather fuzzy type permits to group categorization schemes less common than those covered by the previous sibling categories
           supertype:  pm#relation__related_thing__relatedthing___related_with (*)  type for any relation (unary, binary, ..., *-ary) and instance of pm#relation_type

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