supertype:  pm#P3P_thing
  subtype:  p3p#AccessClass  A class of information types defined by P3P.
  subtype:  p3p#RemedyClass  A class of remedies.
  subtype:  p3p#PurposeClass  The class of purpose classes
  subtype:  p3p#RecipientClass  A class of legal entities, or domains, beyond the 
                      service provider and its agents where data may be distributed
  subtype:  p3p#RetentionPolicyClass  A Class of retention policies
  subtype:  p3p#CategoryClass  A classification of data, a subclass of Category.
  subtype:  p3p#StructuredDataElementClass  A class of data elements with component parts
  subtype:  p3p#UnstructuredDataElementClass  A class of data elements with no component parts
  subtype:  p3p#RelativeClass  A Class whose extension is context dependent
     instance:  pm#P3P_context_dependent
        subtype:  p3p#Purpose-current__current_activity__currentactivity  Information may be used by the service provider to complete
                          the activity for which it was provided, whether a one-time activity such as
                          returning the results from a Web search, forwarding an email message, or
                          placing an order; or a recurring activity such as providing a subscription
                          service, or allowing access to an online address book or electronic wallet.
        subtype:  p3p#Recipient-ours__ours  Ourselves and/or our entities acting as our agents or
                                entities for whom we are acting as an agent
        subtype:  p3p#Recipient-same  Legal entities following our practices
        subtype:  p3p#Recipient-other  Legal entities following different practices
        subtype:  p3p#Recipient-unrelated__unrelated  Legal entities whose data usage practices are not known by the original service provider

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