p3p#RetentionPolicy  A retention policy
  supertype:  pm#P3P_thing (pm)
  subtype:  p3p#Retention-no-retention__no_retention  Information is not retained for more than a brief period
       of time necessary to make use of it during the course of a single online  interaction
  subtype:  p3p#Retention-stated-purpose__stated_purpose  Information is retained to meet the stated purpose
  subtype:  p3p#Retention-legal-requirement__legal_requirement__legalrequirement  As required by law or liability under applicable law: Information
         is retained to meet a stated purpose, but the retention period is
         longer because of a legal requirement or liability
  subtype:  p3p#Retention-business-practices__business_practices  Information is retained under a service provider's stated business  practices
  subtype:  p3p#Retention-indefinitely__indefinitely  Information is retained for an indeterminate period of time

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