p3p#Recipient  A legal entity, or domain, beyond the service provider 
                          and its agents where data may be distributed
  supertype:  pm#P3P_thing (pm)
  subtype:  p3p#Recipient-ours__ours  Ourselves and/or our entities acting as our agents or
                                entities for whom we are acting as an agent
  subtype:  p3p#Recipient-delivery__delivery  Delivery services possibly following different practices
  subtype:  p3p#Recipient-same  Legal entities following our practices
  subtype:  p3p#Recipient-other  Legal entities following different practices
  subtype:  p3p#Recipient-unrelated__unrelated  Legal entities whose data usage practices are not known by the original service provider
  subtype:  p3p#Recipient-public__public  Public fora such as bulletin boards, public directories, or commercial CD-ROM directories

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