pm#successor:  is#project_identification_and_selection
  part:  "keeping the system running as intended"  "correct/prevent faults"  "adding new and/or improved functions"  "adapt to changing environment"  "improve function or performance"  "help users"  "documenting! "  "never losing sight of the meaning of 'System'"  is#configuration_management_and_control
  tool:  "change requests"  "approve or reject changes"  "re-cycle through SDLC"  "plan, analyze, design, implement"  "this requires configuration management"
  #characteristic:  "the most expensive component of system life cycle cost (Pressman suggests 70-80% of system lifecycle cost!)"
  pm#annotation:  "good analysis and design and documentation is paid for many times over by subsequent reduction in maintenance costs"
  pm#annotation:  "currently more programmers involved in maintenance than development!"
  pm#annotation:  "current and future trend: decrease in on-site maintenance"
  part of:  is#project_implementation_and_maintenance
  pm#successor of:  is#project_implementation
  supertype:  pm#situation  something that "occurs" in a real/imaginary region of time and space
     supertype:  pm#thing__something___T__t___3D_or_4D_thing_or_anything_else  any category (type or individual) is instance of this type; any type is also a subtype of this type

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