part of:  is#making_information_clear
  part:  is#using_a_legible_presentation_for_textual_elements
     part:  is#using_the_right_size_or_font_for_textual_elements
        part:  "using and big enough fonts"
        part:  "using size 18-36 point size for headings"
        part:  "using text sizes larger than 12-point for body text"
        part:  "using serif for body text and san-serif for titles and headlines"
        part:  "using fonts that are available for all operating systems"
     part:  is#limiting_line_length_with_smaller_screen_resolution_in_mind
        part:  "limiting line length to 40-60 characters"
        part:  "limiting line length to about 11 words per line"
     part:  "setting text flush left / unjustified"
     part:  "using a mix of upper and lower-case letters to promote legibility"
     part:  "avoiding using hyphens to split words at the end of a line"
     part:  "using wider margins to increase white space for readability online"
     part:  "using darker or brighter contrast in small areas"
  part:  is#using_redundancy_on_multiple_media_channels

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