supertype:  is#multimedia_related_task
  part:  is#making_information_clear
     part:  is#using_a_legible_presentation__usingalegiblepresentation
        part:  is#using_a_legible_presentation_for_textual_elements
           part:  is#using_the_right_size_or_font_for_textual_elements
              part:  "using and big enough fonts"
              part:  "using size 18-36 point size for headings"
              part:  "using text sizes larger than 12-point for body text"
              part:  "using serif for body text and san-serif for titles and headlines"
              part:  "using fonts that are available for all operating systems"
           part:  is#limiting_line_length_with_smaller_screen_resolution_in_mind
              part:  "limiting line length to 40-60 characters"
              part:  "limiting line length to about 11 words per line"
           part:  "setting text flush left / unjustified"
           part:  "using a mix of upper and lower-case letters to promote legibility"
           part:  "avoiding using hyphens to split words at the end of a line"
           part:  "using wider margins to increase white space for readability online"
           part:  "using darker or brighter contrast in small areas"
        part:  is#using_redundancy_on_multiple_media_channels
     part:  is#using_a_simple_presentation_and_language
        part:  is#be_sparing_with_textual_elements
           part:  "using only two attributes on any one screen (e.g. 2 different variables of style, weight, slant and proportion) heightens readability and recognition through familiarity and consistency"
        part:  is#be_sparing_with_graphical_elements
           part:  "using only graphics that are relevant to the task"
        part:  is#using_a_simple_language
           part:  "stay away from negative statements if possible; avoid double negatives entirely"
           part:  "making sure correct grammer and spelling are used"
           part:  is#avoiding_slang
           part:  is#avoiding_technical_term
     part:  is#using_a_structured_presentation
        part:  is#dividing_information_into_digestible_chunks
           part:  is#using_spaces_between_chunks_of_information
        part:  "keeping paragraphs four to eight lines long"
        part:  "using headlines, bullets, pull quotes and sidebars"
        part:  "using contrasting colors to separate groups"
     part:  is#using_precise_information__usingpreciseinformation
  part:  is#using_an_attractive_presentation
     part:  is#designing_so_as_not_to_shock_the_user
        part:  "using backgrounds that don't clash/conflict with font colours"
     part:  is#capturing_and_retaining_attention_on_a_document
        part:  is#creating_focus_on_the_relevant_document_elements
           part:  "using large bold display type and/or graphics to create focus"
           part:  "using elements with visual weight for focus BUT without overdoing it"
           part:  "putting items of focus at the top of the page, the area first seen by the user, to get their attention"
           part:  "using space to separate the element so it is not clustered"
        part:  is#creating_balance_on_a_document
           part:  is#using_a_structured_presentation
           part:  "weighting elements (size, density, page position)"
           part:  "using tables for more precise placement of elements"
           part:  "good contrast is needed for balance and organization"
           part:  "visual entry points is needed for balance and organization"
        part:  "using contrast to stimulate attention on the page"
        part:  "using heading in larger fonts to gain attention"
        part:  "using contrasting colors and graphics"
        part:  "using graphics to focus attention"
  part:  is#using_a_consistent_presentation
     part:  is#establishing_a_framework_to_use_throughout_the_pages_of_a_Web_site
        part:  is#using_a_graphic_theme__usingagraphictheme
        part:  "align type and graphics on a page and in relation to each other"
     part:  is#grouping_objects_with_similar_functions_together_in_one_spot
     part:  is#using_proximity_to_connect_elements_visually
     part:  is#using_a_style_of_presentation_from_one_section_of_a_sequence_to_the_other
     part:  is#using_a_consistency_of_command/action_throughout_a_project
     part:  "using a grid (a skeletal understructure, needed for cohesiveness)"
  part:  is#making_the_interface_provide_good_feedback
     part:  is#making_the_interface_provide_good_feedback_for_every_user_action
  part:  is#copying_from_existing_documents

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