Some subtypes for Problem_Solving_Task

(Note: The '%' before a type means that it has more than one supertype). % Problem_Solving_Task -- PST (a process such as the ones modelled in knowledge acquisition), e.g. a diagnostic Real_life_PST -- a problem solving task which is composed of more basic problem solving task % KADS_Real_life_PST -- combination and refinement of basic PSTs for modelling a real life task Knowledge_engineering_with_KADS Environment_analysis Problem_analysis Task_analysis Function_analysis Implementation_analysis Task_of_road_accident_analysis -- any task of road_accident_analysis % Road_accident_analysis_task % Gathering_of_information_on_an_accident % Accident_reconstruction % KADS_Primitive_Task -- e.g. Generalize, Specify, Compare, Modify % KADS_basic_PST -- a basic (or generic) task which may be a component of a real life PST KADS_System_Analysis_PST KADS_Classification_PST KADS_Prediction_PST -- e.g. KADS1_Prediction_PST KADS_System_Modification_PST KADS_Repair_PST -- e.g. KADS1_Repair_PST KADS_Remedy_PST -- e.g. KADS1_Remedy_PST KADS_System_Synthesis_PST KADS_Assignment_PST KADS_Design_PST KADS_Planning_PST KADS_Reconstruction_PST KADS_Modelling_PST