Some subtypes for Entity_playing_a_role

(Note: The '%' before a type means that it has more than one supertype). % Entity_playing_a_role -- a group or structure of abstract/concrete entities or situations, e.g. W_set/n2, W_group__grouping W_causal_agent__cause__causal_agency -- any entity that causes events to happen Goal_directed_causal_entity -- Problem solver or interactional agent Cognitive_agent -- for example an animal or an AI-agent Conscious_agent -- for example a person W_person__individual__someone__mortal__human__soul -- a human being .Non_conscious_cognitive_agent -- e.g. AI_Agent .Perhaps_goal_directed_causal_entity -- e.g. supernatural forces Without_goal_causal_entity -- non conscious Entity and not an AI_Agent W_necessity__essential__requirement__requisite__need -- anything indispensible that is needed W_inessential/n -- anything that is not essential Recipient_entity W_recipient__receiver -- a person who gets something Possessed_entity W_possession/n -- anything owned or possessed Material_entity W_substance__matter -- that which has mass and occupies space") Part_entity W_part__portion -- something determined in relation to something that includes it W_part__piece -- a portion of a natural object W_unit__building_block -- a single undivided natural entity occurring in the composition of something else Whole_entity W_whole__whole_thing__unit -- an assemblage of parts that is regarded as a single entity W_subject__content__depicted_object -- something selected by an artist for graphic representation W_variable/n -- something that is likely to vary, something that is subject to variation W_anticipation/n -- some early entity whose type or style anticipates a later one W_thing/n1 -- an entity that is not named specifically